Newsletter 31May19


Hello and welcome to the first Cunnamulla All Aboard newsletter. It is planned to send out regular updates. These will keep you informed with the progress of the light and sound show at the Cunnamulla Railway Station.


You may know that the Paroo Progress Association Inc. has been very fortunate in receiving two grants. One from Tourism Queensland and another from Commonwealth, Building Better Regions Fund.

Thank you Margie

Margie Brown has been instrumental in the legwork for both of these successful funding applications. The Paroo Progress Association and the community owe her a large debt of gratitude. Her tireless hours in developing the business and feasibility plans and completing both of these successful submissions is appreciated.

Project Progress

The project has contracted a consultant “Earthstory”, to develop the storylines that will deliver the immersive sound and light show. They are well on the way to creating the finished product having visited the site, and completing hours of interviews with Queensland Rail employees, travellers, and supporters. The “off the rails” show will take approximately forty minutes and will play nightly during the season, and for bookings in the off season.

The Paroo Progress Association has contracted an architect to assist us to manage the build, this will ensure that all possible problems that might arise from building a theatre will be foreseen, budgeted for, and managed appropriately.

Project Committee

The project management committee comprises of Karen Ticehurst (Chairperson); Merry Higgins; Kathy Ashley and Judy Roberts. They are all busy local business people who are volunteering their time to this project as they see the potential for a major regional attraction. This will be the first ticketable product for our Shire. It will keep visitors overnight, thereby bringing more money into the Shire and region. It is expected to create more opportunities for employment both directly and indirectly through increased demand from the service industries. The volunteers feel the reward for the many hours put in will come through increased visitor numbers in the future.

The Challenge

One of the biggest tests for the committee is the necessity to raise their own contribution to meet the funding bodies contribution at a rate of 1 to 3. Therefore they need to raise another $60,000 toward the project, having already raised $60,000 through other separate funding applications.

What can you do to help?

This is the opportunity for you to be involved, the project has kicked off a crowd funding campaign on and are endeavouring to raise some or all of these funds through small donations. As little as $5.00 per person can make a real difference. All you have to do is click on the site at and pick which amount you would like to donate, it is very safe and simple to follow.

If you would rather send the donation directly via the project bank account, you can also do that, just let the committee know and they can send through the details.

Another important action you can take is to share this newsletter to all your email contacts and like/share the page on Facebook.

All Aboard everyone, let’s make this dream come alive.